Matthew was diagnosed with Ventriculamegaly in utero. What this means is that his left lateral ventricle was enlarged. A lot of the time this is usually an indicator of a secondary disorder, in Matthews case there does not seem to be any primary indicators. We do not know why the ventricle is enlarged, one neurologist said to us that maybe Matthew just grew like that! When I was pregnant we had scans, secondary scans, MRIs and amniocentesis. All confirmed the enlarged ventricle but also could not find anything else. Matthews initial measurement started at 10.8 mm and when he was born it was measuring 16mm. Over 15mm is considered to be on the severe case and for anyone who is going through something similar try not to get obsessed with the millimetres ! (Easier said than done !)

When Matthew was born he was then diagnosed with Congenital Hypotonia. This means Matthews muscles in his core and his upper arms have low tone. We are lucky in that the tone has not really affected his feeding or his breathing. We had a few problems when we started feeding but he got it after a few days. I find that mostly with Matthew that he struggles with something the first time you introduce it to him and then he gets it, he’s a smart little guy really 🙂