One day in a waiting room a couple waited anxiously for the doctor to tell them that their baby was going to be just fine. The doctor looked down and shook her head and told them their baby wasn’t perfect. They wondered were they to blame, they already loved this baby so much they could not make the choice, they knew they would never give up on this child. They would give this child every chance, no matter what the price. On that day, unbeknownst to them, they joined a secret club of parents who had all sat in these chairs before them waiting to hear their news. 

Once they joined this unwanted club they forgot about who they were and who they were supposed to be.  Their days were filled with battles and uncertainties, with therapies and waiting rooms. As time passed they realised that this fight was here to stay. But one thing is for sure, they learnt the club survival tip number one – how  to say that things were just fine. Some days they felt a mess and on the verge of crying, but you would still see them smile and say ‘thank you, we are all fine’. 

On the days when they spent hours ringing three doctors to be told he’s “on the list”, they learnt that persistence is a virtue that comes with this club membership. They learnt that persistence and patience were two great membership gifts and so they kept ringing until their baby was at the top of that waiting list. 

They became fixated with the future, what will lie ahead for this little soul? They wondered what Gods plans were and where this path will lead. Then one day they realised that today there was no fix, today they could not change things, today was just for play. So that day they simply messed around and were grateful for each day, as although each day brought more questions they also brought more love. And on that day they learnt another club lesson, something’s just can’t be changed and there is always time for play.

Their days filled with appointments, and weariness followed, for they realised that staying strong was not the only thing.  Some days are long and some days are hard and the work is never done,and so they learnt the next club lesson that on days like these it’s ok to fall apart.

They could not rewrite his story, they could not fix what was broken. And so one day they learnt the final lesson, that although each day will be an unknown, that they were no alone, they had joined a club full of warriors. They had been chosen for this baby and someone must have known just how much they would cherish this little blue eyed boy and that they  would never stop the fight.