I would not say that I am politically affiliated with anyone, but I love politics. I love the strategic game and theatre of it. I cannot claim to be left or right, I would say I am in the middle. I believe in fairness, common sense and work. I think we should protect our most vulnerable and reward people for entrepreneurship and hard work.

This month sees the start of our election 2016 and for this election it has been the first one that I have a cause that I am passionate about, and I cannot believe how few politicians care! This election I have been asking canvassers about their policy on early intervention and caring for children with extra needs. Most have looked back at me with blank faces and talked about caring for the elderly. 

I have asked them:

  • What is their policy on raising the age of early intervention until 12? Clare have a great service but once kids turn 6 the lack of resources is outstanding and I am fearful what will happen when Matthew no longer qualifies for early intervention.
  • Lack of children’s services not only in the mid west but in the entire country eg I will be waiting 8 months for an mri for Matthew and I was waiting 7 months to be referred for the western health board to the mid western health board. These are months that have been robbed from my sons development.
  • Why is there no joint application for discretionary medical cards, domiciliary carers allowance , carers allowance and incapcitated Childs tax credit ? If this was dealt with by one single agency and or application would this not save money in the long run? There is also a total inconsistency with rulings and the waiting list is ridiculously long.
  • There seems to be no emphasis put on carers for younger children, it seems we only care for caring for elderly. What is are the candidates position on this ? I know caring for the elderly is popular at the moment and in the news and extremely important but there are thousands of children who need extra help and we just need someone to represent our needs

There have been startling cases in the news recently of children waiting three years for an appropriate wheel chair, not being given feeding tubes and waiting months and months for services. Who in this country would begrudge a child getting their fundamental needs??  Early Intervention for children is so vital to ensure that they reach their full potential. 
Even if politicians cannot empathise with the plight of a parent let’s look at it economically. The more time invested in children at a young age ensures the more independent these children will be going forward thus costing the state less in the long term. 

I cannot believe the lack of representation and empathy from all the canvassers that have come to my door. These children need a voice, a person who will champion their equality, but it seems their are more important issues out their than the future of our most vulnerable.