I know this is not the journey that you had planned, but you are here. You are here in this moment filled with uncertainty and fear, with joy and expectation – you are here. 

This road is going to be long and you need to prepare yourself.

Once you have made the decision to continue with this little life, there’s no going back, you need to start looking ahead. 

The hardest part of the next few months is the realisation that there is nothing that you can do to change this journey that you are on. Until your baby is born there isn’t much you can do other than wait.

Be strong and breathe; you’re job is  to remain focused on being the best Mom that you can be and right now you need to be the anchor for your family.

You are going to be seeing endless doctors and consultants – ask questions, as many as you can! If you don’t understand keep asking until you do. This is your little life so don’t feel bad for asking basic questions.

Google is not your friend ! Google will fill your mind with nightmares. Google the words once and then put the keyboard down! Ask the doctor and ignore Google !! 

If you are fortunate to have a partner on this journey, let them in. You are a team and whatever you are feeling your partner is feeling the same. You need each other so take the time to become each other’s biggest supporters. 

You will not stop worrying until your baby is born, I’d love to tell you different ! Take the time to enjoy just being pregnant, shut the world out and celebrate this little life that is growing inside you. Amongst all the unknowns there is one thing for sure, your baby is being born into love. 

When your baby arrives, this is it. Put aside your fears because you’ve got work to do. This is when your real journey starts. 

If there is one parting piece of advice I can give you, it’s put on your running shoes. You need to be at your best, if it’s only for 15 minutes a day just take the time for yourself. It’s so important to keep your mind healthy.

Your road is starting and it won’t be easy, keep your mind strong and your family strong. You are going to be ok !