People that I meet and who I talk to about Matthew they all react in a different way. Some give me a knowing nod of sympathy, others tell me don’t worry everything will be ok but one thing seems to be consistent – they all tell me to just ‘believe’.

This concept of ‘believing’ is starting to bother me. What exactly does it mean? I think I am a positive person and I do think positive thoughts breeds positivity but there has to be more to life than just believing ? 

As you begin your journey into parenthood I think your perspective changes, believing that everything is going to be fine is not enough. We sacrifice for the good of our children so that we can celebrate their futures. You no longer get to hold on to your fears as you need to be the anchor. 

I do believe that Matthew will overcome all his obstacles and become the best that he can be in all things, but our journey will not be easy – and that’s ok! By accepting our road it does not mean that I don’t ‘believe’ any less, it means I’m willing to put in the work to achieve that belief. 

We will take joy in our inches and miles on this road. When we all look back at all the hard work and time that we have invested we will take a breath and know that all our hard work was so worth it and that our celebrations were epic along the way!