We deal with endless consultants and therapists and our expectations are that their opinion is fact. On this journey of ours I have started to change that belief slightly and I have started to listen to that inner voice in my head. 

We have had a couple of huge milestones this past week one of which I am screaming from the rooftops to tell people about but for the purpose of story flow I will leave it till the end to write about. ( Matthew started to crawl !!! Eeekkkkkk!!!) 

We’ve been doing Physio now for over a year and I’ll be honest my husband was never really in to it until I told him that the Physio said she didn’t think he would crawl. This seemed to give my husband some motivation as he did not accept this answer. I could see the change in Physio work that Gary did with Matthew, he really upped the ante as there was no way that we were accepting this. 

My brother in law came home for a visit during the week and we spent the evening talking about Matthew. He is Matthews  God father and the one who I can thank for sharing my blog !! The next morning we were in the kitchen and Matthew got up on all fours and started crawling !! I cannot tell you how much shock I was in! In fact I was in so much shock that I had to tell myself to stop acting like a crazy person as I didn’t want Ian to think that I was totally mad! Obviously when Gary came downstairs I started screaming at him, he’s crawling !!! Garys reaction was classic as he said – nobody is going to tell me that my son isn’t going to crawl ! 

I couldn’t wait to tell the world Matthew was crawling! My Mother in law had heart surgery this week and amongst all the concern and worry I couldn’t wait to blab to her  that Matthew was crawling, and the first thing she said was that she knew he could do it! 

I was having a very serious conversation with my Mum about my brother and I blurted out in the middle of the conversation that Matthew crawled !!! She said the same thing – I knew he was going to do it.

It made me wonder – why was I the only one who accepted that he would never crawl? It took me by surprise because I feel like I am his biggest champion. 

So I have beaten myself up and have told myself learn to believe in that inner voice of yours !!