I am an impatient person, I can’t deny it. I am happy to put the work in, but I expect results. I also have huge expectations, I can’t deny that either! I think my children are going to rule the world, my nephew is going to be a scientist, my other nephew is going to be a professional soccer player and my nieces are going to be famous singers, ballerinas and actresses ( two quite possibly may be criminal masterminds along side my son!). It’s not my fault, I blame my parents; we were always told we could achieve anything and I expect no less from my children.

We spend hours a day doing physio with Matthew and some weeks we have huge leaps and other weeks we have nothing. I have found this so difficult because I want results immediately. I had a mini meltdown when Matthew turned one, I just wanted him to crawl! We have been trying so long and so hard and he’s not there yet! Typical of my husband (he’s always right, it’s so annoying) he said to me but Matthew has achieved so much this last month! He’s moving his legs with so much strength, he’s turning to look for things behind him, he’s pulling himself  up to standing – this has been a huge month! Put realistic goals in place!

Matthew works harder than any child his age, he has hours of physio a day and countless appointments a week. When he’s not in physio we are doing physio with him at home. As the milestones have passed us by I have learnt to celebrate the inches that he makes and put realistic goals in place. When Matthew started to pull himself up to stand from sitting on a step we all jumped around with celebration! I can’t tell you how much we celebrated when he started coasting on the furniture, I think I almost lost my life with excitement!

My head and heart were on cloud nine, Matthew started to take steps to the side when he was holding on the couch! The Physio had told me that he would never take steps forward until he took them to the side. I walked into work that day like I had just won the lottery. And then the rest of the world crept in … I got home and there was an invitation to a one year old birthday party. My heart stopped and my stomach started to churn, I hate these events! We go and people ask is he walking or is he crawling, I say no and then they go on about how he must just be a lazy baby. It aggravates me so much, he works ten times harder than any child his age and has overcome so many obstacles in his short life. I usually just smile and go and talk to the next person who says the same thing to me. I end up leaving feeling deflated and annoyed.

I have started to shut myself away from these kinds of events. I don’t know is this the right thing to do but at the moment I don’t need the negativity and I want to have joy in my world of inches and celebrations. And I have no doubt that Matthew is going to be a fricking rock star!